All Mixed Up

I’ve continued to be drawn in by the Beanies. 🙂 Yesterday I wanted to be like the macaw and felt like the chameleon.  Today I need to be like the rhinoceros, with armor like steel and yet still feel like the chameleon, ever changing.

My colors are ever changing: At times I’m a yellow mom, a green sister, a blue niece, an orange wife, a pink daughter, a red friend, a purple cousin, and a gray teacher. Certain colors get stuck and suddenly I’m all mixed up. I act like a teacher when I should be a friend (No, Kim. I really DON’T need to use the correct their, there, or they’re!)  and I act like a mom when I should be a daughter (You are NOT my mother young lady!) Sometimes it works. Like when I’m yellow and gray and get to see the light in my daughter’s eyes as I help her figure out how to finally make a lowercase e. Or when I’m red and orange and am rolling on the floor in laughter with Brian making each other smile after a hard day. But mostly, I’m afraid my colors get muddled and run together.


7 thoughts on “All Mixed Up

  1. For a while I dabbled in art. Sometimes the colors mixed together were a beautiful new color. Sometimes it just looked like mud. Good metaphor for the different hats we wear every day. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge!

  2. I never thought about myself in colors – I like that. Remember that each color makes a rainbow, and rainbows are beautiful, even when they become a little muddled…

  3. How interesting – the way you wrote this. I could see every color as you described it and made it fit into what I think of for each; mother, daughter, teacher, etc. How clever!

  4. Love, love, love this piece!! I love the use of the ?metaphor? of the Beanie Babies. (Is it a metaphor? I don’t know, but I loved it). Your use of color to describe your roles, resulting in the line “Like when I’m yellow and gray and get to….” was powerful for me. I might borrow this one as a mentor text, ok?? 🙂

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