5 Days in and already I am changed

Jumping In
Writing from the inside
slice after slice after slice

For me?
For who?
Will they like it?
Should I care?

Nail biting
Has anyone read it?

more words
more posts
more memories
more hearts
more candor


Thank you


5 thoughts on “5 Days in and already I am changed

  1. i actually have chills from reading this….and it’s toasty warm inside! I am amazed at how much I want to write, write, write during this challenge! I wonder if it will last. I wonder if others will care. I wonder if I should care, or if it should just please me. I also love reading what others have written. So cool. I can relate to your words!

  2. “Will they like it? Should I care?” Two questions everyone asks. I think if you decide you don’t care if they like it, it’s just for you…then they like it, and you DO care. LOL!
    Keep braving the writing!

  3. What a perfect description of the slicing experience. I try to tell myself I don’t care if people read my posts, but yet find myself checking for comments several times a day. ha ha I for one enjoy your slices, so keep that creativity coming:-)

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