Adding some blue to a sea of pink

We currently have 8 great grandchildren on this side of the family. Even with my grandpa gone, they will always collectively be “the greats”. Eight great granddaughters to be exact. On my sister’s side are the three California girls. On my brother’s side are the three Chicago girls. My other cousin and I are the singlets with one Chicago girl apiece. So. We live in a girl’s world. A world of pink. A world of dress up. A world of dresses, Barbies, and drama. Even the sporty girls are of the glittery, pink, sporty variety.

Around that time when you discover if your world will be pink or blue, each of us girls would anxiously anticipate if we would be the first to add the blue to our line. None of us could stand the wait- we all found out the first second we could. Except one. She waited. And her daughter expected a boy. When a boy did not arrive, she adamantly refused to take her sister and insisted that we take HER back and trade her in for a BOY. We didn’t need ANOTHER girl she claimed. That particular baby girl was number seven of eight.

Now my cousin is having her first baby shower this weekend. This baby shower will be unchartered territory since the time when my brother was born 38 years ago. There will be blue. Lots of blue. And monkeys, and trucks, and elephants, and baseballs, and pee pee teepees…which I discovered the other day is a real thing and not something from the fictional mind of a 10-year-old boy. You see, she’s having a boy. A boy. As in the opposite of girl. It’s like we are awaiting some exotic foreign exchange student, whom we are excited to welcome, but have no idea how to communicate with. Never mind that we have my brother, uncle, and husband. They of course do not count. 🙂 They are men.

I am excited, as my cousin and our whole family is, about the arrival of her son. He’s just going to have to play with Barbies.



9 thoughts on “Adding some blue to a sea of pink

  1. My brother and sister-in-law never found out boy or girl before their children were born. They had 3 daughters, the youngest 13, when my sister-in-law got pregnant again. The temptation was greater that time, but they held out…the surprise boy arrived on Christmas Eve!
    (9 years ago)

    You will all end up loving blue just as much as pink! (Barbie will end up having previously unheard of adventures.)

  2. My husband and I both grew up in families of boys. We have a daughter. While I played with Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids, I wasn’t super-into pink and that girly-girl world. Should be interesting to see where life takes us with our little girl.

    Enjoy the shower!

  3. My sister had the first blue on my side after my 3 girls, my brother’s two, and her one. We may love Jack more because he is the only boy or maybe just because he is so lovable.

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