Upon Closer Inspection

In the messy and cluttered house in which we live, you will find, that upon closer inspection:

The smudges on the walls show little fingerprints that feel their way along it to seek some comfort in the middle of the night.

The pinprick holes in the wall are from hanging the multitude of treasures brought home from preschool.

The pile of laundry on the bedroom floor shows the time spent playing memory with a three-year old possessing the most killer memory of all.

The bit of toothpaste on the sink relays the difficulties of a preschooler gaining the hand-eye coordination to brush her teeth with a little more toothpaste in her mouth than around her.

The full garbage can shows the effort of a sweet little soul wanting to help mommy to sweep up anything and everything that was in her path, garbage or not.

The pile of stuffed animals in the middle of her bedroom neglect to tell you about the hours spent reading to them all, smack in the middle.

That pile of boxes by the door reflects the patience of a little girl waiting for her mommy to finish some work so they can build a house for her princesses.

The baby shoes scattered around the kitchen floor were gracing the feet of the fuzzy cat, tolerating the love until about the 4th pair.

The crooked pictures on the wall show the pride of a child helping daddy hang.

The messy and cluttered house in which we live. Upon closer inspection, it’s love.

And I love it.



8 thoughts on “Upon Closer Inspection

  1. I love it too! You paint such a sweet picture and really put things in perspective. Sometimes we need to take a step back, stop stressing about all the messes and really see what it all means. It’s living and often messes made with love! haha. Its actually a comforting revelation. 🙂

  2. I know sometimes it is difficult to keep that perspective but when you do, I think you feel better…especially if you’re someone who stresses about “the never-ending mess” a lot! Great post!

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