Where else should the popcorn kernel live?

“Let’s play the achoo game mommy!”
Those words strung together are slightly akin to “Hey mom, watch me balance on top of the house.” or “Mommy, let’s play with all the sharp knives in the house.”

It was last year when Maddie decided that the little popcorn kernels lost at the bottom of the bowl should go live in her nose. All the way. I was relatively calm, with my heart in my throat, calling my husband, calling my mom, calling his mom, calling the mailman, before I made the call to bring her to the emergency room.

The nurse just sort of chuckled as Maddie happily told her that the popcorn kernels were hanging out in her nose waiting to become popcorn. She taught her to play the achoo game. Which is exactly what you suspect. Plug one side. Pretend to sneeze. Blow out other side. Giggle. Repeat. Loudly. To every person in the waiting room.

It took about an hour of plugging, sneezing, and blowing before the kernels came flying out of her nose.

I’m just glad she was standing in front of me when they decided to pop.


7 thoughts on “Where else should the popcorn kernel live?

  1. Oh my gosh this is too funny . . . well funny now that everything came popping out 😉 Thanks for my morning chuckle!

  2. Oh my goodness.. hahaa.. I love it. You got to give it to her- It WAS some creative thinking that led her to believe that she could pop popcorn up her nose! When I was little, I stuck my chewed gum up my nose. Just for the heck of it.

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