My Miss America moment is over

Every morning this school year I have been Miss America. And it has been lovely. I have a darn good wave down pat. Then suddenly, one day, my title gets ripped from my grasp. My crown gets stepped on.

Indulge me as I explain my fall from grace. Maddie started in a new classroom this year. And let’s just say the transition did not go smoothly. I was that mom that lost a chunk of hair, had teachers blocking her child’s escape at the door, and heard her screams down the hall and out the door. It was a catastrophe of epic proportions for about two weeks straight.

Enter Miss Kathy, miracle worker. Maddie can stand on her special little stool and wave to mommy as she goes to her car and then back into the building on the other side. For a few weeks, Maddie clung to her like a lifeline in the window. Until slowly, she stood on that stool herself and waved furiously to me along with whatever animal friend she brought with her that day.

We start a routine. Kiss. Hug. High Fives. Sure. Kiss animal friend. Hug animal friend. High five animal friend. You got it kid. Head outside and cue the wave. It’s fabulous. It twists from side to side. I have a killer smile. We added blowing graceful kisses. People think I am nuts. I don’t care. It’s our moment. I walk into work every morning with a smile on my face and a light heart. You can’t beat that. People pay good money for that kind of feeling. I get it for free.

Until recently. My daughter is growing up. She dares to skip days of waving now in favor of playing with her friends. Am I proud of her? Absolutely. Am I impressed with her maturity? You bet. Am I excited that she is becoming more outgoing? Heck yes.

But I want to be Miss America again. I need to be Miss America for a long time yet. I’m not ready to stop.

I’m like a little kid each morning, holding my breath to find out what my present is: a hideous sweater from Grandma Paula, or my shining and sparkly crown??? And my three-year old holds all the power.

I just want to be Miss America Maddie, can we do it one more time?


11 thoughts on “My Miss America moment is over

  1. Beautiful flow to this story, by the end I wanted to cry with you! I love the end, how you became the one with the anxiety– waiting to see if she would wave.

  2. Hurrah for Miss Kathy and all Miss Kathy’s. Hurrah for Maddie for loving you and loving her classroom.
    And, dear Poppy, there’s always the first day of kindergarten . 🙂

  3. I loved this story. It is such a pull, I’m told, between wanting your children to grow and become independent, and not wanting them to let go. I am sure there will be many more Miss America mornings for you, and trust me, she hasn’t forgotten how special and important you are….wave or not! (=

  4. This reminds me of the commercial I saw (not sure what for) where the father takes his little girl to the bus stop…both look worried and concerned…girl gets in bus…father follows bus and while passing it sees his daughter laughing and having a great time with friends. Yes, it is hard to see them not need you as much…but they still do need you…just in a different way. Love this story…and I am sure you are still Miss America to Maddie…just in a different way. Jackie

  5. The struggle within to hold on tight or let our children spread their wings . . . it is tough and you wrote it perfectly!

  6. This is such a wonderfully written piece. The flow is seamless, I feel like I’m there watching everything unfold. I agree with another comment…it is a Subaru commercial and completley connects with what your feeling and going through.

  7. I can’t imagine how you feel. People tell me all the time to “just wait until Blake doesn’t want to say goodbye to you anymore.” I will know how you feel at that moment because I think every parent goes through this at some point. She still loves you, she is just growing up! Poor Mommy!

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