There have been slices about pets floating through the blogosphere and it’s gotten me thinking about all the four, two, and no legged creatures that were a part of our family. (As long as I can remember, I’ve been surrounded by one creature or another. I think the longest stretch without someone to cuddle was about 2 days.)  Because no matter how large, no matter how small, no matter how furry, no matter how scaly…they were just that. Family. So here’s to the standouts.

Becky- you were here before I was born, but your memory stayed behind long after you left. I heard stories of your love for our mom and how you were “sleeping” under her bed long after you left in an effort to save my sister’s heart.

Niko- You were the first that I remember. And oh, do I remember. I remember your size, I remember your fluff. I remember leaning up against you and cuddling together on the couch. I remember coming home and having my daddy kneel down and hold me close. Without having you come bounding to the door, he didn’t have to say anything. Even at 6, I knew.

Popcorn- I’m sorry I left you in my purse. I’m sorry I left you in my purse with my playing cards. I’m sorry you ate your way out and got sick. I’m sorry you went to run the big hamster wheel in the sky. I’m sorry Popcorn.

Sally- You were my brother’s bird. And you’re probably the reason why the sound of morning birds does not bring peace and contentment to my soul like many others. You were loud. I still hear you in the corners of my mind despite my best efforts of shrouding your cage in cloth in an attempt to silence you.

Dana- I consider you my best friend. You grew up with me.  From 6 to 16 you were there. You saw me through fights with my friends, my first loves, learning how to drive. Coming down that morning with mom holding your tired head, we decided to let you go. It was the hardest day I could remember. Saying goodbye to my first best friend.

Cinnamon- We knew you but for a day. Daddy brought you home from work and thought that you would fit. Until you ate the couch and  mommy sent you back.

Max- Oh, Max. Heart of gold and Wit so dull. Your haunting yellow eyes behind bars is what brought you home. Your loyalty and  “suction cup ness” is what had you stay.

Tess- Oh little, Tess. You were our mini Dana. You were such a tough little lady. You saw us through the toughest times. I will always remember you waiting for daddy to come home and refusing to leave his spot, hoping, even though you knew deep down that he was not on his way. Giving up your own fight to go to that special place in the sky to run and play with him.

Zoe- I’m your second momma. You’ve saved your first from the loneliness that surrounds her.

Hailey- Oh my fuzzy owl of a cat. You’ve worked your way into my heart. Your tongue doesn’t fit in your mouth, you cry incessantly for food, yet you let Maddie carry you around and dress you and play house with you. I love you for that.

Gabby- My finicky beautiful Siamese. Your little kitten self, so quivery and scared, chose me. You’ve been my shadow ever since. You’ve made room in this dog loving heart for the felines of the world. You were my baby before I had a baby and now you make space on the other side of me, albeit reluctantly,  for her.



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  1. Sweet way to remember all your pets, by name and direct address. We are a family of pets. They come into our lives and carve out a little space that will always belong to them.

  2. Yes, you did have a lot of pets…each one special to you. I think those of us whose parents let us have pets of all kinds experienced such things as your your poor Popcorn…I could say the same with Cameo…our cameleon that got squashed in the door…oh how mortified I was. Your post touched all the emotions…and how touching your paragraph about Tess. This was a beautiful post and thank you so much. Jackie

  3. I love this post. It’s such a sweet tribute to your pets. They truly are part of the family and I know my own life has been enriched by caring for and deeply loving my pets. You made me tear up several times, but I’m sorry, I did chuckle a bit at Popcorn’s story. I’m sure it was very sad at the time.

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