A Poemy Monday Tumble

Sometimes you write for others, sometimes you write for yourself. Whenever you write, it helps someone’s soul heal through laughter, tears or any other emotion that your words grasp on to. For each it is different. I’ve been gearing up for this last poetry Monday and it has not been easy. I have so many half-finished snippets of poems, they could fill a notebook on their own. But this morning, I write for someone else.  She needs it more than I do today. Funny how when the moment is right, the words just kind of tumble out. Here’s my tumble:


A relationship that cannot be
is the worst kind of pain.
She wishes she could see
what is causing the strain.

People come between their love
and she’s slowly giving up.
When she finds it’s a useless cause
to try and save the relationship.

The pain it causes, she cannot bear.
She knows she has to let him go.
When all she wants to do is hold on dear
to the love that will soon be no more.

She knows she must set him free
but it hurts her so much.
Maybe someday she’ll see
that he didn’t deserve her loving touch.


You Said

The other day you said you loved me,
but when I looked into your eyes,
the fire that used to be
wasn’t there.

You said you’d always be there for me,
but when I looked
you had seemed to disappear.

You said you’d never leave me
but now I’m all alone.

Then another came along
and said the same you did.

And when I look into his eyes
the fire is really there.

And when I look around
I’m no longer alone.

The other day he said he loved me.

And when I looked,
I could see the flames.


9 thoughts on “A Poemy Monday Tumble

  1. I’m sad that today IS the last poemy MOnday. I’ve really enjoyed your thought provoking words. While both poems are fantastic, I really love how you end, :You Said.” It’s a powerful punch you deliver. You knocked it out.

  2. So true: “Sometimes you write for others, sometimes you write for yourself.”

    Touching poems. As I read I felt, as I’m sure you intended, a sadness for the love lost.

  3. I have read your posts a couple of times this month. Your words and word choice each time have delighted. These two poems are provocative in that they move the reader through heartache–with the second being love lost/love found. Very nice imagery.

  4. Did you change your background? I enjoyed watching the little worm scroll down. Things move. Cute.
    The poems are full of emotion and feeling. Breaking up can lead to so much pain and regret. I hope whomever you were writing this for finds true love that fills the heart and soul.

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