3rd Grade Poets

We have been doing poetry in my third grade classroom the last few weeks. I may be a bit biased, but my kiddos have blown me away. They were with me every step of the way during our March Slice of Life challenge and were so encouraging to me. They asked if I would post some of their poetry and from the look of hope sparkling in their eyes, I had no choice but to say yes. So bear with me as I spend a few posts over the next few days putting their words out into the world. Please leave some love for them if you feel moved like I have!


Dear Shelter,
I hate…
how I can’t have them

Some may be…
Some may be…
Some make me

And I try
to pick the perfect…


She’s just
like a…

She smells
like a…

In the sun
with water
on her petals.

In the moonlight
she sparkles.



That’s how I felt
when the 3rd Sacrament
came to me.

Just looking out at all
those people
made me…


I played it cool.

Dear Rainbow
You are the
silver lining
to my day

After such
a cloudy gloomy
cascade of rain

I wish you
could be
in my house

to make my day better

The way all your colors
glisten in the sun

I think you are the one

 The one to make my day


2 thoughts on “3rd Grade Poets

  1. This HAS been the silver lining to my day. After just spending 5 hours in my basement cleaning out a flood…ugh. Yuck. No need to say more- I am so happy to have caught the words of your third graders. Fantastic! From the stir of emotions in, “Shelter,” the amazing use of imagery and metaphorical language in, Flower,” the humor in Communion (“I played it cool,” Love it!) to the MUCH needed optimism and beautiful words and message of “Rainbow,” You guys have been MY rainbow this evening.. after a downpour (kind of literally) of frustration and muck. You brightened up my night. Great writing!! Keep it up. I’ll be waitng to hear more. 🙂 Mrs. K.

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