Spidery Tulips and Stupid Birds

I have a confession: I haven’t been writing much. Life has gotten in the way. I miss the moments with my keyboard and miss mulling over my word choice and letting inspiration flow through me. I miss the community of writers that were doing the same. I feel like a dundering dope sitting here now wondering what to write about. I have 4 drafts sitting there, none of which I remotely like. There is no flow. My river has run dry.

So I’m going back into my notebook and finding some poems my students inspired me to write during our poetry unit. I felt that community of writers when we were sitting side by side, poet to poet, writing, giving, taking, reveling.

Spidery Tulips

There they sit
in the vase

so unassuming
so red
with bits of yellow

I lean in
to inhale
their tulipy scent

And I shrink back
in surprise

For inside my tulips
so red, with bits of yellow

A spider!

** We had tulips in our room and a student commented on how the insides looked like big, black spiders. And a poem was born.

Dear Birds
I try to sleep,
a cocoon in my bed.

Morning starts
creeping in.

It’s lovely…
until you arrive

My silence,
my solitude,
so rudely interrupted

your chirping,
your singing,
your caterwauling,
your incessant noise

You bring the end
to my slumber

And I do NOT appreciate it

* The kids wanted to write a poem to something they didn’t like. I don’t like birds.

So, pieces valuable to me as a writer because they remind me of feeling like a part of a community of writers. Hopefully, I can find myself polishing some pieces and finding my motivation one day soon…


7 thoughts on “Spidery Tulips and Stupid Birds

  1. During March I wrote and wrote, never stuck for an idea. Then it was over and I search all week for one idea worthy of writing. How can that be? I know your pain and frustration. Keep writing!

  2. A dundering dope?? lol lol lol. You crack me up, Kim.
    I loved both your poems, but especially the tulip one. I love the repetition of the colors. I felt like I was drawing back in surprise with you. Nice job!

  3. You know I totally agree with the once a week writing “problem” we are experiencing! Thank you for showing us that we can still do it – different ways work and we need to stretch ourselves even more!

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