Makeup induced list

I bought makeup yesterday. For my three-year old.

For her ballet recital. Blue eyeshadow, pink blush, and pink lipstick.  Check, check, and check. I was thinking I must be the most insane mom ever to not really blink an eye at this purchase and then in the next thought realize that I must be completely nuts to allow my THREE YEAR OLD to wear makeup. Dance pictures or not.

As I watched my little girl happily skip down the aisle telling every stranger she saw about the loot in her hands, my heart yearned to tell her so many things. Things like:

  1. Keep skipping sweetie. No matter what life brings you or throws your way, skip and it just won’t seem that bad. I promise.
  2. You do not ever (never) need makeup to be beautiful. You are, and always will be, the most beautiful girl in the world.
  3. And one day if you’re the big sister, you need to make her feel the same.
  4. Remember that your mommy and daddy love you more than anything. Even when you make an oops. We love you for it more.
  5. You know how you “me do it”? Remember that asking for help does not make you weak…it builds you up.
  6. Remember how excited you are to see daddy when he comes home? How you leap into his arms and he squeezes you tight? Hold on to that feeling, even when you’re really mad at him because all he really wants to do is lock you in a tower and keep all the bad boys away from his princess.
  7. Stay exactly as you are now: with a beautiful and innocent view of the world. This world needs more people like you.

I often fear that I project the worst parts of me onto my little girl. I make her afraid. I make her timid. Her daddy makes her bossy (ha!)  But watching her skip down the aisle, happy as can be, watching her pose like a model at her ballet pictures, watching her pretend to swim on the couch today because our pool isn’t set up yet, feeling her kiss my forehead as I lay on the couch, bone tired, listening to her read her books to her animals in bed,  I realize that she is taking all the parts she gets from all of us and making them her own and that this world is already lucky to get to know her. She’s gonna take it by storm.



4 thoughts on “Makeup induced list

  1. Save this! Give it to her someday, and she will hide it in a drawer and get it out to read over and over. One day you will catch sight of it, all tattered and worn from being read so many times. Beautiful!

  2. Oh Kim, there are so many beautifully sweet moments throughout this, however, I have to admit, “I realize that she is taking all the parts she gets from all of us and making them her own and that this world is already lucky to get to know her” really stole my heart. She will LOVE reading this in years to come. Please don’t forget to. It’s precious.

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