Packing Up the Memories

I’m packing up my classroom. Not your typical shove it into every nook and cranny available and sort through it later kind of packing up. But really packing. And sorting, And remembering.

Clearing out my library, the room fills with the voices of thirteen years worth of students that have devoured those books. It’s a wonderful sound. Carletta and her voracious appetite for learning, Jason and his obsession with the Titanic, Clark and his love of all things odd giving me a love of all things odd along the way, Chris and Sean and the nonstop Goosebumps crusade, Shaylynn riding through every animal book I had,  Lily and her Edgar Allen Poe phase, Masson and his need to hold on to as many books as possible – just in case, Marilyn and how I loved to listen to her expression when she read, Gina who loved to share facts from her books, Kent, Allison, Jamari, Samantha, Kevin, Sara, Emily, Rachel, Quinn, Luke…the names and learning that took place with those books could go on and on. Learning on their part and learning on mine.

It’s what I will miss most. That reciprocal learning that takes place between a teacher and her students. How a group of kiddos enter through your door and become your kids.

Some faces faded by time, some as clear as if I taught them today. With each subsequent class telling the same, but somehow new, stories. Thirteen years of students coming and going. Thirteen years of laughter, learning, mistakes, triumphs, and love. I’ve been so lucky to have had my kids.

7 thoughts on “Packing Up the Memories

  1. Awww Kim. I do understand. I can only imagine what your transition is like, but I can attempt to empathize- knowing how near and dear all those memories and kids are in our hearts. Find solice, in knowing, you will still have the opportunties to build those relationships, see children grow and explore- but in multiple classrooms. In mine. 🙂 My heart goes out to you all the same. I’m sure this is a really emotional time for you. You got a friend in me girl. Hugs.

  2. What a wonderful post! Have you had that same room for 13 years? It’s amazing to think about all the memories that are made in our rooms each year!

  3. The end of the year is so bittersweet. I haven’t been able to start packing because I’m not ready, but your post made me look forward to revisiting the memories.

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