Pigs Fly and Icy Blue Eyes Melt

Hell has frozen over. Not a phrase you toss around lightly I know, I know. Let me set the stage for you. Almost four years ago we brought Maddie home from the hospital and what you need to know is this: I already had a baby at home, a furbaby (I say meekly, hiding behind my hands, in utter embarrassment). Well, Gabby, my persnickety Siamese did not take kindly to this THING I so rudely brought home to her world. For four years we have existed as so:

Get the picture? Gabby no likey Maddie. Now to the freezing over part, pigs flying, part, whatever you’d like to call it…

Four years later my animal loving daughter has made it her life’s mission to get this cat to cuddle on her chest like she does with mommy. You can imagine the look of pure disdain that the cat shoots her way at the first tsk tsk tsk. Persistence and miracles prevail however, and the other day I walk into the living room and…

gabby and maddie take two

See? Icy blue eyes melted by the heart of a four year old girl.


5 thoughts on “Pigs Fly and Icy Blue Eyes Melt

  1. Aw, this is a great story! Kids are dangerous. They can make anyone do anything when they want to! Cute picture too – both look happy together.

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