I’m doing a photo challenge on Instagram. As if I needed another app on my phone.  It started off as a way to talk to the two thousand miles away, twelve-year-old piece of my heart. It has turned into a great way to come up with ideas for writing. The challenge topic each day has me looking at the world around me and going back in my mind to memories buried. Today’s topic to photograph was: stairs. Seems like an obtuse topic if there ever was one. I snapped a photo of the stairs to our upstairs. The dirty, scuffed, covered in STUFF stairs to our upstairs. Suddenly to the front of my mind’s eye came a photograph tucked away in an album from 13 years ago. Why it came front and center still escapes me. Yet I posted, beside my current stairs, myself standing on the stairs of The Colosseum in Rome . And then while sounds of SpongeBob bounced off me mixed with the soft whispers of my daughter “taking her dolls to school,” I started thinking of other stairs in my mind: the 16 wooden steps that my sister and brother led me up and pushed me down growing up, the tall straight, seemingly never-ending stairs up to the high dive when I was 8, the stairs up to my Grandma’s kitchen for cookies and down to my Grandpa’s workshop, the stairs, three stories high, to my first apartment, the stairs at Ellis Island where my great-grandmother joined thousands of other footsteps to where you could almost see their footprints left behind. Those stairs, along with countless others, left me with a smile and a remembrance of happy times.  A successful photo challenge day if I do say so myself. Tomorrow’s topic is slow. My mind is already contemplating it. Slowly of course.


3 thoughts on “Stairs

  1. I read this out loud to Kathy tonight….through my tears. Seriously. This is one of the best pieces of writing I have ever read. So, so, so touching. The stairs in your memories – and on Instagram – really got to me. I want to share this with the world. I hope you don’t mind 🙂

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