There are all sorts of superheroes in our midst. The single moms taking care of a brood of children, the brave third grader waging a battle she should never have had to, the men and women that fight for our right to sleep soundly at night, the teachers I get to spend everyday with. 🙂 But no one reigns supreme to any one like their parents. Our parents are our own personal superheroes.  Our cheerleaders. Our rescuers. Our supporters.

I treasure the superhero that I have left in my life. My mom. She is my rock and she remains steady scare after scare. Her cape has some holes and she has been battered, but still she rises. To cheer. To rescue. To support. I wrote some time ago about our family circle and the thief of happiness and joy that seems to visit us every now and again.  Somehow and someway you manage the loss that happens. In our circle we come together. It’s almost like we anticipate the blow and sadly, know how to continue spinning despite it.

But there is another circle. I was lucky enough to marry my love and inherit his circle as a part of my own. His circle is more like a Venn Diagram than a single circle. There are lots of circles coming together. At the center of one of his circles is his superhero. His dad. Since my superhero flew away, Brian’s dad has flown in to take his place. And I’ve learned one thing in the last few days as a health scare has struck this circle: He needs more ladies in his circles. Yes, we have superheroes for certain. But I am finding that the heroine is really what keeps that circle spinning.

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