Going From Righter than Right to a Million Miles Beyond Wrong

That’s a long post title. But it needs to be seen in its entirety. This was a quote I saw this summer in a blurb on a book that a student chose to read. A book that was definitely challenging for her- but she was one whose personality so exactly fit the character that is was a perfect match. I got  to see her crunch up- as was her reading style- and immerse herself in this character that she so closely identified with on some level unknown to me. That image sits with me. But the quote has been beckoning me from the photo on my phone where said blurb lives.

Going from righter than right to a million miles beyond wrong. What is righter than right? What is a million miles beyond wrong? How tragically tragic does something have to stray for it to go from that extreme to the next?  Now the character was a teenager so it could be as simple as a fight with a friend over wearing the same outfit (is that something teenagers fight about? I dare say I don’t remember and have years to see my daughter have those moments).

I’ve been thinking a lot about that quote and what it means to me. Have I ever truly felt righter than right? I am prettty certain I have experienced a million miles beyond wrong… but righter than right? If I go back through my Rolodex of memories (lol) I struggle to find a moment so right. There are many happy moments but I find myself really thinking and stewing on what that feeling is: righter than right.

And I find I have no answer. At least that I am ready to share at this moment.


2 thoughts on “Going From Righter than Right to a Million Miles Beyond Wrong

  1. First I had to smile at the Rolodex reference then you got me thinking, too. I love that quote and I am asking all those questions, too. Thank you for inviting me to ponder by sharing your thinking.

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