Not Going to Happen

I’m sorry. I’m in a bit of a rush. You see, my daughter, she needs me.

She needs me because…

She is not going to get up in the morning and make her own bowl of cereal.

She is not going to disappear into the basement to have “me” time – seriously?!

She is not going to go bike riding with the big kids around the cul-de-sac.

She is not going to, on her own, invite one of those big kids to play in her sandbox.

She is not going to say, “MOOOMMMM, you can go now, we’re playing.”

She is not going to insist on going to bed without a pull up on.

She is not going to grab the book from me at bedtime and read it to me.

Okay, if that last one happened I might have cheered loudly inside and acted on the outside as if she had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

But don’t you see??

These things cannot, will not, and are not going to happen in my world.

So excuse me while I get my lawn chair and sit at the end of the driveway. Because my daughter is certainly not racing all those big kids and winning.


5 thoughts on “Not Going to Happen

  1. Kim,
    This is so true, but unfortunately everyone has to grow up. As you watch them grow you will see all you have taught them. Enjoy everyday because time goes so fast! Your writing was beautiful!

  2. I love this, Kim. Love the format and the repetition. I JUST said to my hubby two nights ago, “When did she grow up???” It saddens me. Real, profound sadness.
    I’m standing my ground, too. She will NOT!

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