Sneaky Kisses

October is out to get me. I’m not sure why. It sneaks up with promises of candy, costumes, and cooler temperatures. Then delivers a wallop in the form of an all-encompassing sickness on Maddie or myself.  I thought we were doing alright and then I started to feel the familiar and unwelcome tingle in my nose and scratch in my throat. So, I traipsed over to Walgreens and loaded up on Vitamin C everything. I woke up the next day tinged slightly orange I consumed so much.

I have managed to keep it mostly contained. I am producing boogers at a normal pace. I can still move my neck. I still have a voice. But it hangs on for dear life. The germs clinging to me, their lifeline. I’ve been wondering why I have made it through fairly unscathed by our normal sickness standards. I have yet to receive a flu shot. I stopped mainlining Vitamin C.

I am convinced it is the sneak attack snuggle and kiss. I am hyper-vigilant  in my futile attempt to prevent spreading my germs to my family. So a ban on kisses has commenced. It is lonely and it makes this mommy/wife pretty sad. I’ve even banned snuggles so that I don’t inadvertently sneeze all over anyone.

Try explaining this to Maddie though. Snuggles and kisses are kind of her main act. So this ban does not fly so well with her. I find myself sitting on the couch with a little body wrapped round my leg. Cause it’s far from my face and my germs. I find myself at the table and she’s crawling on top of the chair next to me to sneak a kiss on the back of my head, my elbow, my knee.

She’s the best medicine you can have.


3 thoughts on “Sneaky Kisses

  1. I think the thing I love most about this slice (other than your word choice, which I always love when you write) is the fact that you shared a fact about your booger production rate with the whole world.

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