In the way you put students first

In the way the most unsmiling of faces bust out grins in your presence

In the way you nudge students to want to be the best- not for you but for themselves

In the way you create a classroom where students shine through the moment you cross the threshold

In the way you thoughtfully plan each moment so that the students can take it where they need to grow

In the way you provide support to your colleagues

In the way you care for children and adults alike

In the way you question and reflect on your own practice

In the way you lift up the people around you

In the way you persevere, against sometimes seemingly insurmountable responsibilities, and TEACH

In the way you

Thank you!

I am fortunate to now be able to be in classrooms daily and have the good fortune of seeing tremendously talented students sparkle and shine. While they are inherently capable, it is the teacher in the midst of the chaos that is nudging and coaxing that sparkle and shine to come forth. Kudos to the teachers I know. You inspire daily.


One thought on “Teachers

  1. I just read this again tonight. What a powerful piece! Isn’t it absolutely mind blowing the amazing things you see, from teachers and kids alike, when you are in so many classrooms?! We are very lucky.

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