One Little Word

A word to simmer on, think about, manifest, and live by. No small feat to choose just one. So I did what most sane people would do, and started a list. I’m a lister. It’s a problem.

Here is my list:
settled or grounded– I feel so much out in the universe- hopping from here to there and back again. I feel a need to be settled.
discipline or control– I need more of this in my life- to take control of my own life.
prime– I’m supposed to be in my prime at this age right? Maybe this will remind me of that.
rest– already as I look at it, nope. Not this.
comfort through discomfort–  Yeah, I know, three words. It can’t work. But I strive for it. To be comfortable being a little uncomfortable. It’s a skill I have yet to master- back to that prime thing again I suppose.
persistence– I’m not the most persistent bugger on the planet. I cave. Far too often.
hiatus– I started following a great blog and her life makes me think of how wonderfully freeing it could be to have a hiatus from certain aspects of my life.
opportune– I’m not really sure about this one. I just like the doors it opens in my thinking.
yes– Seemingly contradictory huh? Guess it fits with being uncomfortably comfortable? I need to say yes more.
– This should just be everyone’s word and the world might be a much better place.
care– There is so much to this world and our lives. If we just show we care a little bit more- well, see above.

Disclaimer if you have made it this far in reading:
Now, I am not under the impression that the world is clamoring to read about my one little word.But simply putting it down into the blogosphere for that world (all 10 of you that read my blog) to see,makes it a bit more of a commitment. So here goes:

to be settled- in my thinking, in my writing, in my feeling, in my decisions, in my moves, in my life, in taking chances, in saying yes, in listening, in caring, in all the things I want for myself. To own it.




One thought on “OLW

  1. Comfort through discomfort. I really like that one. But, alas, it is 3 words. You are right. Isn’t it great that we have evolved so over the years that we actually think this is a phrase that is good for us?! Yeah for us!

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