Some speak for math and numbers.
Some speak for pens and thoughts.
Some speak for words and pictures and books.

Between the Oscars for the book world of children and a flurry of cold days cooped up in our houses, it has been an exciting few days for the people I know that are like me.

The tools for what we speak for are much the same. Even those math folks need some words too. Each time I read bout writing- it strengthens me.  Each time I read about math… let’s be honest- I don’t read about math. But each time I read about reading, it empowers me. I hear the words of the book whisperer, well, whispering in my ear, “Her. Go talk to her. She’s a wild reader. She needs another.” I hear the voice of Mosaic, firmly nudging, “and what else? ask her what else.” They ignite my passion.

These voice stick with me because at my inner core, I am a reader. Some people have numbers at their core-I am married to one of those. Some people have words flowing out of their core- I am lucky to work with some of those and have the privilege of them rubbing off on me a bit. And some people sit in the words of others and take them in and use them to branch out into the world. It’s the books and words of others I have read that have helped me be the writer I am today. So thank you.

Stealing snippets of time to read- as a voracious all or nothing reader, is hard. Stealing moments to notice, moments to write, have been a lifeline to words that I have been missing. Writing has made me a better teacher and opened my mind to the world. But reading. Reading has been my lifeline. My solace. My heart. My platform as a teacher and learner.

So. It’s been a recharging kind of few days.
Days filled with pages of words and pages of possibilities to carry into the week.


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  1. I sometimes think of books as being my batteries – sometimes I just need a little of hit of reading, good or not so good, to get through the day…or the next 10 minutes. I find myself out of the shower, sopping wet, reading “just a page” before I towel off. Must feed my core!

  2. Love hearing your ideas of what’s the base upon which other ‘important things’ sit. Might be a good cartoon? On any given day, I’m a writer or a reader or a numbers person! Thanks for the different ways to think about this!

  3. Ha Ha! I try not to read about math, too!!! Very clever, Kim. Loved the odes to Ellin, Donalyn, Steven and Dana. (I probably missed a few!) You’ve put Katie Ray’s words to life for me: “We stand on the shoulders of our mentors.”

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