Happy Bir…

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy B….

What could have stopped the singing of that glorious song? That melody is the prelude to the blowing out of candles and the consumption of sweetness on a fork… who dare to bring it to a screeching, shriek-inducing halt?

That would be me. Ask anyone in my family what I am no longer allowed to carry, what I cannot be within five feet of without someone cracking a joke and the answer will be: birthday cake. “Dont let that lunatic near that sweet confection!!” they will cry.

All because once upon a time in a land far away I may have allowed a cake to meet its demise on the hard unforgiving concrete of my brother’s back patio. This memory sits in my mind’s eye as completely not my fault. Who puts a sheet cake on slippery plastic for goodness sake?


That mangled pink mess was cleaned up in no less than 5 seconds flat by the speediest of hands wanting to save the feelings of a three-year old. The panic settled in to grab hold of my heart and yank it into my throat.

Enter Sydney. Sydney who was just a little one. Sydney who wouldn’t have the faintest clue that her baptism cake was going to now serve as her sister’s 3rd birthday cake. Sydney for whom I am so grateful.

About 7 years later and the closest I get to birthday cake is with a knife to cut neat little rows. Yes, my wise family allows me to walk around with a giant knife but carrying the cake would be a catastrophe of epic proportions.


15 thoughts on “Happy Bir…

  1. Your writing certainly made me chuckle. How lucky there was an extra cake close by. What a wonderful slice (I may share this with my classroom kids). I love to show them how other people capture a moment in time.

  2. Ah, the stories our families can tell. Thank God there was a baptism in your near future. Three year olds are not a forgiving lot. Reminds me of when I was carrying a tray of baked beans at my friend’s house when the tray handles broke off in my hands, sending the casserole plummetting to the ground. You are not alone.

  3. Memories of that pink mess must be powerful! If it makes you feel better, I once dropped the Thanksgiving turkey as it came out of the over….what a gooey, greasy mess….yet…I could at least wash off that bird and plop him on the table….no one knew….until NOW!

  4. I was in as soon as you stopped singing…I know it was probably awful back then, but what a funny moment to capture. I love that you added a photo with it- it was great to see the memory too!

  5. Oh Kim, what a fantastic piece. I could feel and see every part of your (definitely memorable) story. (Let’s face it, your family wouldn’t let you forget even if you wanted to! ha ha Thanks so much for sharing it will all of us:-)

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