A Place to Listen

For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued, drawn if you will, to a place that I don’t often share. It’s a destination few seek out. It brings sadness to many, including myself. Yet I continue to find it a place that brings solace and peace. This place has been a part of peoples lives since the beginning of time. It’s a place filled with our history.

I found myself as a child meandering down twisted paths reading name after name and imagining the story behind. Imagining the laughter behind. Imagining the circumstance that put the name on that stone. Who was that girl? Why was she here for such a short visit? Who visits her and leaves flowers after all this time? Who misses her?  Their stories seemed to rise up and demand to be heard.  I found it so poignant, this monument to a person.

I’ve since been to many of these places. Whenever I am visiting somewhere on whatever journey I may be on, I find myself compelled to stop and meander down those twisted paths. The air hangs low, filled with love and anguish and remembrance.  The stones could be lined up in neat rows, rising up out of the ground as a testament to life, or crumbling and worn down by the elements of nature and time. No matter their configuration, they have a story. I like to think that listening helps the air rise a bit and fill with peace.

I visit many stones tied to my own heart now. Too many. But I find comfort when there, knowing that someone might by chance, take a meandering walk down their path and stop for a moment to listen.


14 thoughts on “A Place to Listen

  1. Beautifully written, Kim. I’m not one of those people who find comfort and solace there, but I can see how you do through this piece. Gorgeous peace. Lots of questions in my mind now, too.

  2. Kim, you put words to what I felt when I was younger, riding my bike through the cemetery across the street, stopping at tombstones of people who died long ago, wondering what stories they had to tell. Such a peace and sorrow both. I truly love this line: I like to think that listening helps the air rise a bit and fill with peace. Beautiful piece!

  3. Such a lovely post – a cemetery is a resting place of so many stories, hopes, and dreams. You’ve written beautifully about where it can lead us in mood and in imaginings.

  4. There is a cemetery at the end of my street, that is gated off, overlooked. I can’t help but wonder as I drive by daily, who are the souls that rest there? And does anyone care? How do you close a cemetery?! There stories are begging to be told.

  5. I also have a love of the peacefulness one finds in a cemetery. We often walk our dogs in a historic cemetery near our house and a friend and I looked for baby names there. I loved how your post led the reader to the setting in an elusive way.

  6. Wow Kim! Beautifully written! The best part is, every time you pass by one of those names and think about that person, it’s like helping that soul. Who knows that last time someone thought about that person, but you took that moment to think about them. Love your Slice!

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