Slicer Spamalot

11454297503_e27946e4ff_h“This slice is amazing. I need to comment. Now.”
Cue comment I hope portrays that feeling.
“Oh my, this slice is so heartfelt. I need to comment. Now.”
Cue comment I hope portrays that feeling.

And on goes my morning. Stealing snippets of time here and there to read, feeling a need to comment to let these writers know that their words hit me, matter to me. How much I appreciate their candor, their honesty, their humor, their heart, their wit. A part of me stops to wonder if I am commenting too much. Then I come to my senses and remember how geeky I am about getting comments and know that another slicer would understand. 🙂 right?

I continue on my way and get home to really settle in and do this reading and commenting thing right: On my big screen and not my little screen. Only to realize a slicer’s worst nightmare come true. None, not one, as in zero of my comments are actually posting.

“Oh not again. sigh Okay, on to change my password. What?! That’s not working?!”

Let me test comment here.  Nope, try again. Test comment here. Nope, try again. Test comment here. Nope, try again. (rinse and repeat for about an hour- as if it would magically work) Give up in exasperation. Annoy husband. Snap at daughter. Email this one. Wait. Email that one. Wait. Text this one. Wait. Text that one. Wait. Get response.

“What?! I am what?!”


How did that happen? I commented so much wordpress accounts determined that I am spam?! Well, wordpress, I am hurt, my ego is injured. You see, I live to comment. This writing thing is great, but you know that feeling that you get that makes you compulsively check to see if anyone has commented on a post? That is why I comment.

And you go make me SPAM. I have a choice comment for you wordpress. It’s just not fit to type here.

If you are one that got a test comment, email, text, annoyed wife, or snap from mommy,  I’m sorry for my hounding and compulsion to need to post comments. I thank you for your help and patience with this impatient slicer.

Now, go check your spam folder- there might be more poor souls that have received the Scarlet “S.”


19 thoughts on “Slicer Spamalot

  1. Too funny, Kim! This slice was absolutely hilarious. I totally understand the need to comment is as strong as the need to slice! I live for them, so I know others do, too. BTW – I checked my spam folder. Nothing 😦

  2. The Scarlet S! Love it! I’m so glad the issue was discovered though. I wonder if it was a problem with WordPress seeing so many comments from this one source/person that triggered it? I guess it means everyone should occasionally check their spam folders for stray cats (comments accidentally tossed spamward – ha! I kill me! I just made that up. Musta been that sip o’ coffee!)

    • I commented on your post today too. Is it in spam? I’m starting to fear the worst: I’m bad spam. Not the catch it so you can approve it kind but the disappear into oblivion kind. Grrrr….

  3. First off, this is hilarious! Two, I’m pissed on your behalf. I had the comment thing happen to me before but I was never spam. And C, when you write, “Cue comment I hope portrays that feeling” know that your comments ALWAYS portray that feeling.

  4. I hope you aren’t in the unknown cyberspace! Once word press wouldn’t let me post, but only once. I trust your trials of last night will never happen again!

  5. I thought about you today, Kim. How’s it going? Any better today? I noticed your comment wasn’t in the TWT spam folder when I just checked it (unless someone else removed it earlier today).

    • Thanks Stacey. It’s an ongoing process. Most everyone I comment on needs to go into their spam and find me. It’s so strange. I’ve sent countless emails about it today and I think people will start to cringe when they see my name. 🙂

  6. This piece is so funny. My e-mail was hacked 3 times in a 2 months and I was empathizing with you. Your writing has a very strong voice. It felt like you were right here telling me the story!

    • ummm…bad news. Pretty sure I am spam. Just commented on your lovely “observy” post and it went nowhere. I’m still in wordpress detention.

  7. This made me laugh out loud! I am so sorry that you were Spam (and believe me, you are not)! I look forward to those comments from you so Comment Away!!!!!

  8. Slicer Smamalot! Kim!!! I’m dying laughing. I just got your email. How do I unsmam you? I feel like we have lost one of our men. This requires immediate attention. Your slice is hilarious. Still laughing out loud as I type… Oh Smamalot with a Scarlet S. Haha.. Can’t stop.

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