Cold and snow. Two of my favorite things. Really. This not a superficial, when it strikes me likeness. It’s a tried and true check off the box, this gal loves winter kind of thing. I’d move somewhere permanently cold and snowy if I wasnt married to the tropical version of Santa Claus.

All this cold and then melting “miserableness” that everyone has been complaining about has created some most beautiful icicles hanging from the eaves of every poorly vented, slanted, whatever roof. One day driving home Maddie was wowing at the houses with the most icicles, marveling how Elsa had created such a wonderful iceland in the corner of those roofs.

It started innocently enough. “Mommy, can you knock down some icicles for me to see?”

That’s how I found myself collecting icicles through an open upstairs window and bringing them into the kitchen for my gloved offspring to investigate Elsa’s handiwork. I was marveling at the scientist I was raising. Go me!

It’s also how I found myself walking into the kitchen a few minutes later to discover her licking an icicle humming “Let it Go” to herself. Upon my stern lecture about how icicles are filled with all sorts of detriment that we wouldn’t want to put in our mouths, my dear daughter looked up at me and said, “But mommy, iCICLES sound like POPsicles so that means we have to eat them!”

Okay, at least she’s starting to pay attention to how words and sounds are connected to meaning.


17 thoughts on “Sicles

  1. It’s nice to see some positive things about winter. I usually like the snow and cold weather. But I have to admit, this year has been a bit much! Thanks for putting this positive spin on it!

  2. First, I LOVE the connection to the movie Frozen!! Second, I love how smart your adorable daughter is. Awesome winter Slice.
    P.S. Maybe you should chat with Elsa, we really need a break from this snow.

  3. I like how you weaved in references to Frozen and even better that Maddie made that connection. It was so un-brown crayon like of you to bring icicles into your house. I NEED to be so much more like that.

  4. Thanks for getting me to see that there is more to snow and cold— I have been a terrible grouch the last few days and today’s new snow pile made my mood even worse. Thank you for reminding me of the good parts of the snow and cold. I actually did see a beautiful icicle formation the other day on my drive home, and the way the sun hit it— it was beautiful. Thank you!

  5. I’m leaving for Cancun on Sunday, but I do enjoy a bit of snow as long as it doesn’t cost me anything. As I kid I couldn’t eat enough snow and that was 60 years ago and I’m still going strong so don’t worry about Elsa 🙂

  6. We let icicles build up on our porch right over the steps, just because we wanted to see how long they could grow. They grew long enough this year that we had to watch our heads or we’d bump them. They also melted and refroze enough on the top step that we pretty much had to step over the first step to get in and out of the house. There was no sand or Ice Melt that would make a dent in it! Though I don’t like winter all that well, I do love the look of it and the smell of the snow!

  7. I need to see this a Frozen movie so I can fully appreciate this thickly-referenced sliced. I love you catching her licking one. So cute!

  8. This story is awesome on so many levels. First of all, you totally rocked the “cute factor” . Oh, how I wish I could have been there to watch….(you made me feel as if I were)….secondly, I am pretty sure I used to lick the icicles too:-) Finally, how awesome is it that you’re the kind of mom that creates magical memories for your daughter??? Pretty awesome I think!! 🙂

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