In a Land of Doubles- Poemy Monday


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This week’s Poemy Monday installment:

We hear that life is fuller.

Her giggles float through the house,
but we hear that the laughter doubles.

She wraps us close,
but we hear that the hugs double.

Her mischievous self brings about smiles,
but we hear even the trouble doubles.

She has those sneak attack smooches,
but we hear the kisses double.

Our hearts are already bursting,
but we hear somehow, the joy doubles.

The couch is real big,
So we are ready for the cuddles to double.

We are so ready.
There’s plenty of us for the love to double.

Bonds to grow stronger.
Bonds to begin anew.

We want to live in a land of doubles,
but there is to be but one.

9 thoughts on “In a Land of Doubles- Poemy Monday

  1. This poem elicits a feeling of excitement until the end, when it turned sad. I can feel the longing for the addition. My heart aches for you!
    Love the actual poem, though.

  2. Your poetry is so powerful! I love the continued use of double until the end. And the sad twist at the end- it leaves me feeling the author’s pain….so beautiful!

  3. All true.
    This poem was tricky for me because it has a bit of a light hearted tone with words like smiles and smooches and cuddles, but it’s not light-hearted at all. Your family will be what your family is meant to be, I believe that with my whole heart.

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