Winter Won

Upon waking this morning there was a beautiful winter wonderland outside my window. My perspective of this March phenomena is one that allowed me to have a lovely morning thus far. Spring put forth a valiant effort the other day, but my winter came through as champion this morning.

Since winter won, as I woke I heard the plop of the snow as it hit the roof from the snow-covered masses outside our house. Their branches sagging under the white weight. In spring, I hear the caterwauling of the feathered demons as they try to wake me long before I am ready to wake.

Then the light was out at the major intersection between our abode and our destination. That’s okay because in winter we enjoy the bumpy ride to the light when Elsa freezes the snow to the street. In spring, we hold our noses as the assault on our senses takes over courtesy of a stinky black and white springtime awakener.

In winter, as we drive down the streets to work and school we revel in the beauty of those snowy white covered branches straining to reach the sky. As winter fades and spring tries to beat it down, we have to slush through the dirty gray streets instead.

Then a song comes on the radio to which we have no choice but to be happy. You know the one.

So we sing and bounce and bop and slide our way into our day.

I’m so glad winter won.


10 thoughts on “Winter Won

  1. I took pictures… really was a beautiful sight. You are a genius with your words, Only a genius can put such a beautifully positive spin on, yet another snowfall……another perfect slice:-)

  2. Nice try girlfriend. Winter NEVER wins in my book and all the stuff you wrote here that tried to sway us are many of the reasons I HATE winter! Sliding to work has never been a favorite thing of mine. Funny writer. Funny writer.

  3. That’s why you live where you live. I am happy the sun is shining and the breeze blowing. Flowering trees are blooming. Spring is winning in the deep south!

  4. Winter has never been my favorite time of year – that’s why we moved south, but apparently not far enough south this year. Our snow is melted, the sun is shining, the wind is gusty and it’s a chilly 55 degrees. Spring is fast approaching.

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