My Writing Well

I keep notes everywhere for potential slices. So I can’t say the well is running dry. But I can say that the inspiration to get water from the well is, let’s just say, waning. Add in that fact that I am shadow free this weekend and sitting with my feet up and voila! I am sliceless. I have ideas but no words.

So I shamelessly give you a solid preview of slices that may or may not find a home next to that little worm on a hook over there. Here’s my writing well as it stands today:

Crumbs– among the many things my dear significant other does that drives me to lunacy
DVR Love Letter- How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Our short separation helped save my marriage (Thanks for the idea Janski!)
Sharpening Your Saw– I read about it in a blog about keeping your professional knowledge sharp- no idea what to say about it as of yet
Dark Hair Betrayal– Oh the demise of my blonde head and new-found love in brunette-dom-which I loved and found most did not
OCD in all but the hair–  Maddie and her hatred of all things detangling
Having that kid that knows the words to songs by Pink, Katy Perry, and the like
Expressions of Love – a morning shake in the basement and a magical car that moves itself
The silence of solitude just a thought that is not working to its potential. Yet.
Halfway through reflection– from four walls to many
To save my marriage the second time around- see above along with a few other compromises
As Seen on TV– from my dad to my husband
Xmas Eve ugly blouse– it’s so bad it’s good
Gnarly trees– no idea how to put it into words when others have done so in such an eloquent way
Getting mail– It brings me dorky joy every day I can remember- even as a grown up.
Being happy with change– I just can’t. I’m a creature of habit
Beyond the canvas– something I heard someone say- it stuck

So many ideas. So many thoughts. My brain just won’t cooperate.

I’m a writer with no words this fine day.


14 thoughts on “My Writing Well

  1. I have been fighting this too- I have probably 10 slices I have started and never finished…getting the inspiration can be tough…I love that you weren’t afraid to admit and ended up with a great slice!

  2. Perfectly sliced! I know the feeling. I got over my first slump pretty quickly. Something about the timing, though. You’ve got the time, but not the inspiration. This worked for you!

  3. Yea, we all recognize the feeling. You have a great list to prod you into writing. “As Seen on TV- from my dad to my husband”- laughed out loud at that. “Gnarly trees- no idea how to put it into words when others have done so in such an eloquent way”- just try…there can never be too much written about trees, just like there can never be too many trees!

  4. I LOVE this! I have this same list and often have no words to go along with my ideas. I find it easier to write about an idea I had today than one I had before and put on my list. Thanks for the preview of what we might be reading about soon!

  5. I’m very fortunate to have happened on the idea of writing about one thing for the month. I call my version of what you have here my “idea bank.” Not nearly as full as yours, but it does the trick. I also have a bit of a plan for the remainder of the month. I have lots to says about ends, but the next week, before that is going to get a bit hairy! I’m sure you’ll be back tomorrow, as even your list is eloquent!

  6. Shush. This is a great slice regardless! I love the writers block written out. I was reading a quote about wasting time yesterday that just had me inspired and you did not waste our time here… Blouse post please!

  7. Even your “sliceless” days bring us solid reading material, Kim! Btw – I love the word “sliceless.” I was almost reading your amazing sliceless ideas with only 1 eye open because I was afraid I would read your ideas and not be able to use them, even if II had the same idea prior to reading your list. But no, yours had much more flavor than mine! Another great slice, Kim!

  8. I cannot wait to read each and every one of the pieces in your “writing well”. Personally, I think you did a great job, on this fine day. Your are a writer, and that can never be concealed, even by an uncooperative brain. lol

  9. I have plenty of words and you have plenty of ideas! I need to use my writer’s notebook more diligently. Your idea about crumbs cracked me (and my husband) up. Crumbs are my nemesis too!

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