The Pink Princess in a Land of Green

Monday morning. This momma of dark,Irish, Rosemary O’Toole roots, got up and got dressed. Paying homage to the Irish in me, I donned some green attire and a sparkly “thanks to Maddie” green necklace. Proceeding with our morning, Maddie snuggled on the couch watching a cartoon clinging to the “you can’t get rid of me sippy cup” before facing the big, bad world of school.

“Maddie, five minutes till I find your feet. (code for we WILL get dressed in five minutes, you can’t hide your feet in the blanket any longer my dear) What would you like to wear today? Everyone will probably wear green.”

Wrong words if my intent was to have my wayward fashionista wear green, right? Lucky for us, never is it my intent to orchestrate certain ensembles. I don’t care if she wears a clown costume to school as long as we get out the door and she is happy. St. Patrick’s Day be damned.

So in predictable fashion, my almost always pink princess donned a lovely pink concoction and pink zebra socks. I thought nothing of it.

Until we got to the sea of green school and heard,
“You’re dressed wrong! You have to wear green today!”

Until I saw my pink princess’s face crumple in sadness and confusion.
“But I wanted my pink dress, mommy.”

Until I saw the cutest act of love wrapped in the hug and words of a friend.
“Maddie, I love your dress.”

My pink princess was then smiling and accepted because of a little angel adorned in green.


9 thoughts on “The Pink Princess in a Land of Green

  1. I do love a happy story. I was really irritated when someone said she was dressed wrong. What a nice ending. Thanks for putting me right in your home and at the school with your vivid descriptions!

  2. So glad Maddie had a great friend to hold off the group of greenies. Seems she has her own spirit that will meet resistance at times. Good for you letting her choose for herself and handle her choices.

  3. She is her own person. She knows what she likes and she goes for it. A little set back as she hit the steps of the school, but crisis averted by a good friend. Your slice reminded me that no matter how confident we are in ourselves it’s still nice to have the encouragement of someone you care about.

  4. Awww! I’m so glad Maddie’s green angel made everything okay. That can be so hard for little ones, when they’re the only one. Glad it turned out okay.

  5. I bet she was fierce in her pink zebra socks! According to my little one, you can never go wrong with pink. The fact that I can do without pink and bedazzlement does nothing to rain on her parade!

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