The Anti Dance Mom

My niece has taken to dance like a fish takes to water. I’ve so enjoyed endlessly teasing my sister-in-law about it. We joked about her being the perfect anti dance mom persona. It worked for a bit. Syd is just too good and like any mom, she is now her biggest cheerleader. She is a dance mom. I vowed that this would not be me. Maddie loves to sing and dance, but not with a love that requires days of practice and rehearsals each week, toe shoes, jazz shoes, tap shoes, an arsenal of makeup, and costumes abound.

I started to worry a bit when we began taking Maddie to the recitals to see Syd dance. My little wanna be ballerina plopped her little feet on the floor of that aisle and did her best to copy each dancer on the stage, shushin everyone around her that dared to utter a sound.

I began to chew my lip when daycare offered dance class. It’s just for little ones. It couldn’t possibly give her the bug. Nope. I was in the clear. She liked it. She was still shy. She didn’t love it.

I kept my fingers crossed during her first recital. She didn’t stand there but she didn’t stand out either. Meaning, she did a fantastic job but not a job that threatened my anti dance mom status. We were still in the clear. Dance was still just fun.

I have begun to sweat a little bit these last few weeks. The leotard and tights are making more appearances. With microphone in hand, she twirls around the living room belting out song after song choreographed  with the increasingly steady precision of a lanky four-year old.

The last two days have me stuck between proud inner dance mom and head hanging in resignation anti dance mom. The recital regalia from last year was taken out and donned. Moves are being practiced. “Shhhh….mommy, I am rehearsing. I need it quiet.”

Then I hear that sweet voice singing some Nat King Cole, maybe Frank Sinatra… wait.

Nat King Cole?! Frank Sinatra?!

L is for the…
is this for real?
O is for the…
once a week she goes to class, how does she know it?
V is for the…
did she just say “that’s not right” and start over?
E is for the..
look at that concentration and seriousness…who is this kid?

Oh crap.
It’s early yet, but I’m pretty sure I am going to be a dance mom.



11 thoughts on “The Anti Dance Mom

  1. Ha! I have no doubt you’ll be a wonderful dance mom. (I know there is some type of show on TV that I’ve not watched, but the mothers in the commercials sound sort of evil.) I love the writing in this slice – I can picture your daughter evolving as a dancer. I particularly like the image of her reprimanding loud audience members. I can’t wait to read dance mom stories!

  2. Yep! You’re in for it. Great slice!! I wasn’t a dance mom, I was a swim mom. Now my daughter and I watch Dance Moms and we agree, Abby is like one of her former coaches! It was fun and crazy time with crazy parents, but I look back on the many hours I spent “doing” this with my kids with fond memories. I’m sure you will keep a good perspective (most of the time). Enjoy the ride and please, share more!

  3. Loved how you walked us through your thinking and how it changed as a Mom. I find myself doing similar thinking- She won’t do that- now she does. I won’t do that- now I do. Great slice!

  4. I knew right where this was going as soon as it began. We must be careful what we vow to never do or be. I’m a crazy soccer mom in a minivan and that was never going happen either…no soccer and no minivan! 🙂
    I really like some of the words you used that made my mind see what you were seeing – plopped, shushin, threatened, lanky … Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole – what more could you ask for? So sweet! Hang on and strap yourself in Kim. 😉

  5. Greatest ending! I love how you structured that. My smile spread as I was reading though the Song lyrics/ your inner dialogue. I kind of had a feeling you’d come around! How could you not? That is so stinking adorable. I want to be a dance mom now. 🙂

  6. The whole time I read this I pictured Maddie as I saw her last year in that dance regalia, as you put it so aptly. 🙂 She certainly has a strong will, that one. Who knows, with those long legs she could actually go far in the dance world!!! Look out!!

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