Big Fat Wife Fail

All morning I am okay. All afternoon I am free sailing.

Somewhere around 4:00 the thoughts start creeping in.

What will I do?
How will I do it?
Is he going to be frustrated?
Should I start?
I don’t want to.
So I don’t.
Oh, he’s definitely going to be frustrated with me.
I wouldn’t know where to start.
Mom? What do you think?
I can’t do that!
I’ll mess it up.
I guess I could try that.
Oh no, the car is pulling up.

5:30, the door swings open.
Kisses, hugs, daddy’s home.

What’s for dinner?



5 thoughts on “Big Fat Wife Fail

  1. Love the dialogue! My thoughts were racing wondering what it was you were worried about. I thought for a minute it might have been about embarking on a new pregnancy…..:-) Alas, it’s just dinner…..right?

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