Food Holes

I suffer from a severe affliction. You might have heard of it. It’s called food holes. And we aren’t talking about
bagel holes
donut holes
or any other food with holes.

On the contrary, food holes are something slightly akin to black holes. A vortex of lost memories regarding food.  You see, I eat something and if it is delicious, UN nutritious, sugar filled, loveliness, then it is an automatic victim to the food hole. I cannot seem to help it, it really is beyond my control. I swear.

The sweeter, the gooier, the sugaryer, the more likely it is to fall into a deep, deep food hole. Forgotten and abandoned. It’s as if there is a little ear worm, with sticky sweet lips, whispering in my ear, “Oh, that cupcake was delicious. But have no fear. You didn’t eat a cupcake. Carry on.” And the little bugger just gets plumper and plumper. Not my problem.

And so, carry on I do. With sweet abandon. It’s as if that cupcake has disappeared from my recollection.  It’s really a serious problem that I must get help for. For food holes might help food disappear from my memory but my subconscious must help it creep up on me. That ear worm as good as he is, cannot keep the food holes from spitting out some extra padding here and there.

It is an endlessly annoying problem.


12 thoughts on “Food Holes

  1. Cute and creative! I seem to suffer from that same issue. “A vortex of lost memories…” Love the description! “extra padding” Another cute description. Have no fear, you are not alone! 🙂

  2. Food holes – love it. I may half to steal that expression. Why do we always remember our virtuous eating and forget the holes until we get on the scale?

  3. This is funny, and true. So many people have commented on how they have the same problem, as do I. Maybe we need to make a list and see how much is lost in the vortex each day…..actually no, lets just remain in a sugary sweet wonderland, for today. I really enjoyed this cute post. Thanks for sharing.

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