The Man That Doesn’t Read

He says my name at least five times before I come out of the world between the pages.
My husband. The man who doesn’t read.

He rolls his eyes heavenward when another box adorned with a smile arrives on the doorstep.
My husband. The man who doesn’t read.

He sighs as he moves stack after stack around the office bursting with spines.
My husband. The man who doesn’t read.

Or so he likes to say. Through the years he has remained steadfast in his refusal to sit and enjoy a good read. To get lost in the words of another. Unless those words are of the sports or financial variety, his eyes do not lay upon them. I have since given up gifting him with the perfect book. I pride myself on finding books for reluctant readers, but apparently they must be under the age of 12 for me to have any effect.

I think he is starting to crack though. I come home at the perfect time to catch it.

“See what this says? What are the letters? Let’s read them together.”
Her daddy. The man who reads.

“Here comes Pete…” (in a lovely Ms. Shy voice via youtube videos)
Her daddy. The man who reads.

“Which one should we read? Oh, you want two? You got it.”
Her daddy. The man who reads.

“This book is awesome. Let’s read it.”
Her daddy. The man who reads.”

He might just be the best kind of reader I can think of…
a reader that is helping to cultivate another.



12 thoughts on “The Man That Doesn’t Read

  1. Oh Kim – WELL DONE!!! Your writing just hits me in the gut, and this one is no exception! What a twist in the middle of your piece. I thought this was going to be the one about the darned man who won’t read….and then! He reads! Yes indeed. He reads.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have the same refusing to read spouse but this just is so sweet, I can’t stand it. He rolls his eyes at your but his putty to his little girl. That’s a winning daddy and wonderful man right there. I couldn’t love this piece more. The writing is perfection. The repeating line shift from “My husband. The man who doesn’t read.” to “Her daddy. The man who reads” SO PERFECT!

  3. I can so relate to your slice – my hubby doesn’t read either. I’ve tried and tried to find just the right book that will grab his interest, but alas to has no avail. Until…. our granddaughters says “Grandpa, can you read me a book?”

  4. I love it when fathers read with their children! I have a few photographs of my husband and children – ones that I will cherish. Your last line is perfect – helping to cultivate another! Happy reading to everyone!

  5. I also have one who doesn’t care to read. Though, he has no problem reading to his girls. It’s such a happy feeling to hear dads read with their kids…and isn’t that the most important books to read anyway? 🙂 I love the way you have with words, Kim. You take a simple sentence and bring it to life with your creative ways! Great slice!

  6. OMG…I had tears and a smile on my face picturing them reading together. Nothing gets me going more than a dad and his girl. So fantastic. Love this!!

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