Unapologetically Absent

There are varying shades of absent: absent in body to absent in mind. A smidgen of absence to an abundance of absence.

I’ve had my fair share of absences, as does everyone around me. But lately I have been thinking much about being the many shades of absent. Those that go far deeper than the ever mounting tallies of sick days recorded.

The gray day we are trying ever so hard to bring sunshine to. Whether we are remembering a loved one lost on an anniversary, a birthday, or any old day.  We are absent.

The germy day we are physically missing to attend to our ailments. We are absent.

The day we leave our hearts covered with germs at home and pretend to focus attention to our work. We are absent.

The day we are lucky enough to have a sliver of happiness to anticipate. The happier the potential, the more we fade from the present moment. We are absent.

The day we devote to our hearts building, coloring, playing. We are so present in the moment that lays before us. We are forever striving for this kind of day. To be there.

But still, to someone in some part of our life… We are absent.


4 thoughts on “Unapologetically Absent

  1. This was really beautiful. From the repeating line “We are absent”, to the sentiment that you conveyed. It made me sad. It made me think about people who aren’t around anymore now….and in the future. It’s a scary thought. I’m thinking about your title…wondering about it.

    • It was what I thought of first. Then I framed writing around it. 🙂 Kind of connected to my OLW… wanting to be grounded and present and unapologetic about it. But it’s so hard to not let your mind stray to the places you are absent from…

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