A Little Girl and Her Bike

“I want this one!” A momentous moment had arrived: a big girl bike.  A mommy along for the ride with fear in her throat and trepidation in each step.

Maddie immediately used her spidey bike sense and planted her rear on a Strawberry Shortcake bike. A nice, small, close to the ground Strawberry Shortcake bike. It was Kismet. Her smile was as big as the Grand Canyon. I sported a smile to match. Around and around she sailed on that pink and green cruiser. She was halfway to the checkout line when daddy came along with a figurative baseball bat and hit a grand slam right through our wide grins. “She’s too big for that bike.”

Our smiles broken, spidey sense betrayed, we began the search for a bigger, not close to the ground bike. I half-heartedly began running down the options:

This one? No!
This one? No!
This one? No! (as we she starts to slide back toward some Strawberry love.)

Sigh. Your turn dear.

This one? Nope!
This one? Nope! (somehow I am sliding back to Strawberry on my own now)
This one?!?!


Daddy does his sweet talk thing and a rear end gets planted. Test driven around and around and around. Purple Tink, not at all close to the ground bike loaded into the car on its way home.

One smile restored.