Posey Posey

We went through a period of the peanut playing the complete anti-model. There are entire albums with her face hiding behind any convenient object, tears streaking down her cheeks, or even the occasional death stare. Her desire to not be photographed trumped her love of milk. And that’s saying an awful lot. If not for the photographic proof of her mortal existence I might have feared my nocturnal offspring an other worldly being.

Suffice it to say those days are long gone. Maddie’s spidey sense kicks in whenever she is within 100 feet of a lense, focused on her or not. She twists her hip, pivots a leg, plants a hand on said hip, and let’s loose a dazzling smile complete with full head tilt. Lately she evenĀ fancies herself a flamingo and tucks up one leg.

Any place.

Any time.

Like a few weeks ago for example. An innocent trip through the bulls eye mecca that pilfers half of my paycheck turned into an impromptu photo shoot.

Say hello to the newest Scott toilet paper model:

maddie toilet paper