When Your Literary Self Takes Over

I woke up one recent morning drained. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. I felt like I had gone through the proverbial wringer. A hangover of epic proportions. I lost friends, felt the wrenching twisting sense of loss. My literary soul was ripped to shreds and it was seeping into my mortal soul and ruining my day. I feel as though I should apologize to the people unfortunate enough to have had contact with me that fateful summer day. I was not the best of my selves.

Many who know me know that I have what you may call more than a passing fancy with the world of muggles, witches, and wizards. My loved ones have lost countless hours of me tirelessly devouring word after word. No world has ever grabbed me like that world.  So much so that I have never let my eyes lay upon the cinematic versions created. I could never reconcile the fantastical realm laid before me through the words of Rowling and the sketches of GrandPre , providing just the needed kickstart to my own imagination, with the images on the silver screen.

So when I saw a channel advertising a Potterhead weekend I cast nary a glance their way. Then, scrolling through the channels during a few rare hours to myself I catch a snippet on-screen of the bespectacled one and a trusty house elf that tugged on my literary heartstrings memories from all those years ago.

I was hooked. I proceeded to devour the images on-screen through a marathon of Potterdom. I was lost in the world that claimed me so many years ago. Enough years had passed since I last read the words that the scenes before me were like meeting up with old friends. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t take a break. I was all in.

Brian knew from my rapt attention and tear streaked face that he’d lost me for a while. With a sigh he gathered up the peanut and made themselves scarce.

I came back, but much like after reading the books I need some time to really come back. I’m still marveling at the magical world put before me in the most masterful of ways. It’s like rolling through memories and feeling every nuance all over again. So while my mortal self is present, my head and my literary heart are miles away at Hogwarts. I hope you understand. I hope you’ve found yourself buried in the words of another and needing to slowly drift back to the reality. If you haven’t, then I apologize for my seeming lack of interest in what you had to say that day.


3 thoughts on “When Your Literary Self Takes Over

  1. You are not the only one today that has taken us down a path where we thought you needed the utmost sympathy, well, you kind of do, but not “that” kind. So glad you enjoyed the movies just as much as the books. I would say that’s something to celebrate!

  2. You are swept away by this mystical world and it shows up in your writing. I think it is great that you have found a way to escape and it takes you back to the not so long ago. I think this would be an important blog to share with students. They need to remember/know that there is nothing wrong with falling in love with books AND writing about those books.

  3. A friend opened a forum for fans of Game of Thrones TV series. I am also a member of a forum that is just for the book readers and enjoy both forums immensely. I get to lose myself in the books again, enjoy seeing certain from fresh eyes of the TV Show only and write in respects to both both. I truly understand your being so immersed in the Hogwarts world. Actor Alan Rickman, Severous Snape in the Harry Potter movies is attributed to having said something along the lines of ” I will be 80 years old, in a rocking chair reading “Harry Potter”. And my family will ask “After all this time?” And I will say “Always”. He understands this as well.

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