Racing Mommy

The house is quiet. There is the slight background noise of a tv show playing softly. Just for the noise mind you. We need more noise in this one-child household. I’m on my screen catching up on email and Maddie and Brian  are playing the matching game where he is trying really hard to win and failing miserably.

Suddenly I notice that I no longer hear the victory laughs and taunting of a five-year old. I look up to see her blond head and his dark head close together conspiring. And I know it’s on. Without saying a word, we all jump into action at exactly the same moment. We’ve had lots of practice with this routine.

“Come on Daddy! Let’s beat mommy!”

“Oh no you don’t!”

They almost always beat me up the stairs and fling themselves onto the bed giggling and laughing hysterically. She’s half his length and his feet hang off the end of the bed. Facedown they go and it becomes my mission to unseat one or both of them. A raspberry kiss here, a tickle there.  Uncontrollable giggles and a snort or two fill the air and I try my best to keep my serious face. I’m on a mission after all.

Sometimes I beat them in the race up the stairs and fling myself on the bed giggling and laughing hysterically. I have to spread both arms out and both legs out like I’m a cat trying not to fall into the toilet. This is the unfairness of my life. Maddie and Daddy always against Mommy. Raspberry kisses times two. Tickles times a hundred- they have quick hands those two. I never survive very long. Two against one. Even if one is spending most of her time cheering on her daddy.

Somehow we all end up snuggled on the bed anyhow and her little arms wrap around both of our necks and we are reminded how blessed we are to have this little tickling raspberrying troublemaker. No more two against one. We settle in and simmer in the moment for a minute. Our eyes meet over that little head and love is even more cemented. Every single night.


4 thoughts on “Racing Mommy

  1. ok thanks for having me start my day crying!!!!! I was there with you every single minute of this moment. Every single moment. Loved the analogy of you sprawled on the bed like a cat trying to avoid going in the toilet. For a minute there you looked like a human cat in my mind. The visuals were all there. Especially the emotional ones. This is what slices of life are all about. The moment we feel blessed and loved. You captured it beautifully.

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