The Distance of Change

Wolves changed the rivers. A seemingly random statement and yet there it was sitting in my inbox a few months ago. Intrigued, I clicked my way through to read about how this could have occurred.

The wolves caused less deer. Less deer led to more vegetation, more beavers, more bunnies, more everything. More stable banks. Rivers and streams stabilized. All because of the wolves. This isn’t new. Everyone knows that the impact on ecosystems is greatly affected by animal populations. But reading it has me wondering about our lives. What events major or minor in the acts of this play we call life have that ripple effect beyond that moment in time?

There are those majors like deaths and loss and births, and milestones. We all have those. I’m wondering more about the distance some events go in shaping us and more importantly¬†the people around us. The wolves changed the behavior of the water. That’s some distance. It travels on a chain.

Could I think of something in my life that was seemingly inconsequential at the time and yet is of increasing importance today?

Something I saw?

Something I said?

Something I did for someone?

Something someone did for me?

What difference has it made in my life?

What difference has it made in theirs?

The wolves have me thinking today.


2 thoughts on “The Distance of Change

  1. I think about stuff like that all the time! Tiny choices/coincidences affect everything down the line… which house I bought (and thus the neighbors and life long friends), which job I took (friends I made and connections I gained), who I sat next to in class, who lived across the hall from me in my dorm, etc. All these things have changed the course of my life!

  2. Isn’t it interesting how our imagination can be piqued by one thing…and then we end up thinking much different and much deeper thoughts. It’s that ripple effect, I guess.

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