The Trepida… anticipation

There has been a feeling of trepidation the past few weeks, if I am to be honest. The thought of writing everyday for the month of March has left me feeling a little less light on my feet. My mind, already full of thoughts, has been consumed with potential slice topics, all the while trying to get through my days.

Could I write about that tree on my way to work? 
     Did I lock the door when I left this morning?

Could I write about how Maddie got her hands on my super fine glitter?
     Do I need to turn in that paperwork today?

Could I write about spending the day with one of my loves?
     What do I need to bring to that meeting later?

Could I write about the crumbs on my counter every morning?
    Oh, I need to confirm that appointment before the day is done.

It’s like a high stakes ping-pong match going on inside my head. But…the notes section on my phone started filling with potential ideas and I checked the list of slicers from my district that was sent my way and clicked on through to new blogs, with new banners, and new to me writers. The excitement started to build and I figured I might as well sit down and try to whip out a draft or two. The first one was sad, the second one was funny (maybe) and some words started working themselves into lines in my mind, to be saved for another day.

I think I am ready. Ready to write. Ready to read. Ready to give and receive comment love. Ready to look at the world around me in a new way. Again.

Welcome to all the new slicers. You will find this community to be like no other. Get ready to uncover a whole new addiction.

You’ll see. 😉


11 thoughts on “The Trepida… anticipation

  1. The whole while I was reading your slice I kept saying in my head, “Yes, I do that too!!!” Laughing out loud. Understanding completely where you were coming from. I. Can. Relate. We are bonded through our writing. Write on!

  2. The wrestling from trepidation to anticipation (to celebration) is a struggle I relate with. I listed nearly 30 ideas for various posts this month, but then spent way too much time trying to find one, for day one. I couldn’t wait to get up this morning to read posts from colleagues, who wrestle in the same way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I went through the same hesitation and doubt about my ability to commit and write daily for 31 days. Isn’t it good to know that, as hard as March is going to be, we are not alone.

  4. Kim, I’ve been feeling a bit queasy about March myself. I mean, there can’t possibly be time for this this year, can there? I guess there is because here we are. Can’t wait to read your Slices!

  5. I feel this way exactly! I am so excited to get the month started off! Now if I could only figure out how to save my slice ideas in my Mommy Brain!! Ha!

  6. I’m nervous and excited about this March challenge, and I can’t believe it’s here already! “It’s like a high stakes ping-pong match going on inside my head,” I can relate to that!

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