Mommy, I don’t feel good.  Cuddles abound, slumber arrives, sickness prevails. And so the night goes.

Morning dawns and sleepy eyes atop pale skin start welling up with tears. But it’s Pajama Seuss Day. No amount of cuddles will solve this heartbreak. Then, out of the corner of our eyes we spot a smile box right outside the window. It had spent the night outside in the cold. This momentary distraction brought only the slightest of grins. We do love our smile boxes filled with goodies, usually books. In this case, cold, soothing books.

So we join B.J. Novak and commence in a raucous read aloud complete with nonsense words and sounds that no grown woman should make. I get a faint giggle.

But everyone is wearing pajamas. At school Momma.

So we put on fun and silly pajamas and delve into Herve Tullet and his gang of mysterious creatures to get drawn into creating a book with them. There are important decisions to be made here. Another faint giggle.

But we’re all in the gym now with our blankets reading momma.

So we pull the well-loved Dr. Seuss from the shelf and argue back and forth Sam I am style. Even though green eggs and ham are not really what you should be thinking about when you’re feeling under the weather. So we pull out the fish ice chips a la red fish, blue fish because that is what a fragile tummy can handle. No giggle this time.

But it’s just you and me momma. I don’t have any friends at home.

So we gather as many fuzzy friends as we can and cuddle close together and count all the wackiness we can find on that one Wednesday, and see what trouble the Cat in the Hat can cause that one day, we laugh at the spots that want to be in the zoo and we giggle at the big fat cows that go kapow.

I know it’s not the same. Momma delivers on the read aloud, but not like her teacher, our house is not school, pajamas always grace our room,  and our fuzzy friends are not our living, breathing besties.

But I hope that the moments given to us by all our author friends, help to fill a little bit of that big ol’ Dr. Seuss Pajama Day heartbreak.


16 thoughts on “But…Momma

  1. Awww that’s so cute. They’re little hearts break so badly when they miss things like this. And what a great mom you are! She will look back on this day and always remember the things you did for when she missed an important day at school.

  2. Awww, poor Maddie! Being sick and missing school is so hard when you think you’re missing out on all the fun. Harder still, is being the momma of that sick child. But lucky Maddie! You found a way to bring a little bit of Dr. Seuss Pajama Day home to her.

  3. Awe! So sad when kids are sick and miss a special day… but you did such a great job making that day special — she will always remember that! So sweet. And a smile box!? What fun!

  4. I love that you were able to give Maddie a piece of Dr. Seuss Day at home. I am sure that she was missed at school but she will have this memory for a lifetime!

  5. Your writing that captures this day is wonderful, Kim. You’ve taken us right there, with you and your daughter, such disappointment. What a sweet mom you are to make it as good a day as you can.

  6. Always hard when someone has to miss a special day because of illness, but it sounds like the two of you had a really special day, and made lots of memories of your own! You sound like one creative mom!

  7. What a lovely account of a germy day. Everything about it is brilliant. (It also reminded me that yesterday was pajama day for my son, and I sent him to school in real clothes. Oops.)

  8. Poor baby! Being sick is the worst and to be sick when all at school are having a special day. Just not fair. But — I’ll bet your day together is now a special part of her.

  9. Awe, poor thing! What a mom though…create the situation at home as best as possible. I like your reference to green eggs and ham and how it is so not appropriate for a weak stomach! Cute slice!

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