The Head of the Fun Committee

My husband is on the fun committee at his work. Yes that’s right. The fun committee. He’s that kind of guy, the organizer of all things fun.

Which is why I found him one evening tearing apart our house on an epic quest for a timer. Pictionary perfection simply could not be, without a timer. There would be anarchy if you used the timer on your phone.

How do we not have any board games?!”
rifle, stomp, rifle

“How many puzzles can one kid do anyhow?”
stomp rifle, stomp

“Really. We don’t have any board games??”
grumble, rifle, grumble

“We are robbing our child of a real childhood. What the hell?!”
rifle, grumble, rifle

I call out from the kitchen, “Honey- check the princess cupcake game on the stairs. I’m pretty sure there’s a timer in there.”

mutter, rifle, mutter
“Why is everything we own puzzly pink and princessy?”

“Because we have a five-year old puzzly pink princess,” I reply, holding back my laughter at his resigned scowl. For he’d be using a pink timer for Pictionary.

And that’s how the other day he came home proudly clutching a bag containing a well thought out surprise, all the while sporting a big ol’ grin.

Tonight we are going to play Kerplunk.

The first of our “real” game family tour, organized by the head of our very own fun committee.


13 thoughts on “The Head of the Fun Committee

  1. I am glad you said you were holding back your snickering, because I found it quite funny. With your description I was picturing the whole scene. Thank goodness for the fun committee! 🙂

  2. Kim, this is so cute, and I could visualize the entire scenario, especially the rife/mutter/rifle…..ha ha At the end of the day you are a pretty lucky lady. Not only do you have a ‘a five-year old puzzly pink princess, but you also have your very own fun committee!! Wonderful, enjoyable slice.

  3. What a fun post. Family game night at all ages is something that brought our family together and made our life fun. Sounds like you have a husband that values that. I enjoyed your dialogue and your repetition. Nicely written.

  4. This was so funny! I think we have all been there…searching for something…but the comments he was making were priceless…and I can just see you holding back a chuckle. Sounds like a fun committee…and looks like he is perfect for the job.

  5. I could feel your husband’s frustration on his quest to bring the fun. I particularly enjoyed the evolving patterns of rifle/ grumble/ stomps/ etc. Yet another excellent slice.

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