Poemy Monday #2

One of my favorite ways to discover the poetry within is to scour through writing of old and uncover a poem. We often use snippets that would make a great poem. All of the lines in this poem, with some very small changes, can be found in the original post, found here:

 In a green satin box,
sits a badge and a ring.

So many items to hold onto
when someone departs.

How do you choose?

The leather case
shows the imprint
of gleaming silver .

How proud he was
to hold that official title.

Did he know he was,
and always would be,
my protector?

The ring.
So small,
so gold,

I trace the teeny,
tiny LJP
engraved in its face

and imagine the tiny finger
wearing it as he grew.

During a time I knew so little about
and could not now ask for tales.

I see him in myself,
my brother,
my sister,
his grandchildren.

But in a green satin box,
sits a part of him
that belongs to me.



12 thoughts on “Poemy Monday #2

  1. What a beautiful poem. “During a time I knew so little about and could not now ask for tales.” That was the line that really got me. There’s a definite personal connection here. I know so little about my father and now I can’t ask my mom….well, I could but she doesn’t have the memory for it anymore. Of course I don’t know your full story, but please try to ask your mom for every drop of information- before it’s too late.

    • Thanks Carrie. We do talk all the time about things. One of my favorite moments was going through all the pictures we have (that would be albums on top of albums on top of boxes) and talking through the stories found within. It was awesome!

  2. I chose not to read the original post because I wanted to interpret the poem on my own first. It’s beautiful, hopeful, and sad all at the same time. I have such an image of the green box.

    I’m off to read the original now…

  3. Thank you for this beautiful post and for the idea of changing an essay into a poem. I would like to lift this idea. This writing challenge has emerged as one of poetry for me. Would like to try this. Thank you.

      • Kim, my entry tomorrow is taken from your inspiration. I wrote a poem based on an essay that I wrote in tribute to my ex-husband that passed away in October. In the entry, with your permission, I would like to link to your poem and your essay as a source of my inspiration. Please let me know if this is something that I can do.

  4. Their is a joy in finding new ideas in old words. The excavating of ideas is part of being a writer. You found a rich harvest from diving back into your notebook.

  5. What an amazing idea. Revisiting an old blog and repurposing it into a poem. If I have to choose between the original and the new, I think I choose the poem! Nice job! I will have to think about doing that, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Everything about this poem is wonderful – the structure, the few words that speak many, the thoughts… Just love it! “But in a gren satin box sits a part of him that belongs to me.” Powerful words,
    Kim. I can feel the love, confidence and pride that ring and badge bring you. Excellent slice!

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