The Guillotine of my Black Thumb

Much to the chagrin of many a folk in our families, I have a long-standing reputation of being willing to replace all of the gorgeous greenery surrounding my house with fabulous fakery. Since that dream is, unfortunately not to come true, I hold back the black thumb with things that it cannot kill, despite my best, most of the time unknowing, actions. The list of plants that have fallen victim under the guillotine of said black thumb:

Geraniums, Salvias, Impatiens, Coral Belles, some cute yellow flowers on a bush, a Japanese maple tree, knockout roses, marigolds, star-gazer lilies, and some long forgotten peonies that I pulled out and offered up as fertilizer the second I saw the swarm of ants called to them. Brian even has tried to cultivate some beautiful baskets. Alas, our shepherd’s hooks stand lonely today.

To date the only plants that have received a pardon from the death sentence that is my gardening repertoire:
1. Petunias- Did you know those suckers are annuals and need to be planted every year???
2. Day Lillies- I love these best because they were around when we moved in and all Maddie needs to do is pluck out the dead stalks every now and again.
3. Purple buttercups- A wild and crazy grower. It took about 3 years to see the purple buds, but this plant goes the distance. Now I can’t stop them from blooming everywhere.
4. Hostas- Some of them need to hit up the plant hospital pronto, but overall they area doing a-okay. Might be a little holey.

Now, all of these lovelies grow with little to no maintenance by yours truly. It’s a miracle really. Now that I mention it, I might have sprinkled some Miracle Grow here and there once upon a time. Mystery solved. 🙂




10 thoughts on “The Guillotine of my Black Thumb

  1. I am better growing vegetables than flowers, but not by much. I think it is the food incentive. I used to have a house with a big yard. Now I have a condominium with two pots on the stoop, which I don’t always remember to water.

  2. I found this to be quite comical. My favorite part is when you talk about the flowers that “received a pardon from the death sentence” and comment on them. “those suckers” “goes the distance” “plant hospital” – just love it! It just underlines your hands-off approach and your disinterest in flowers/plants. Fun!

  3. Gardening takes time and dedication. I always start every spring with full intentions of keeping up with my garden all summer, but by August, the tomatoes are rotting on the vine and the basil has turned into a flowering plant. We keep trying, though…that’s what counts, right???

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