Junie B. Jones, Come on down!

My name is Kim and I am a book addict. More accurately, a children’s book addict. I will forgo purchasing new shoes or getting a haircut in order to add to the ridiculously awesome library that is taking over my offices, our house, garage, and cars. I devour emails that arrive each morning from my favorite librarians, teachers, and strangers on street, that are chock full of book recommendations. The I must have that book mantra becomes the I must have those books, mantra. Which then becomes the, What can I sell around this place to feed my need? mantra.

When I left the classroom, my gargantuan library was weeded out and my garage is currently storing a much smaller, humongous collection instead. Of course Maddie commandeered a good number of picture books, which brings us into our house.

There are books everywhere. I subscribe to the belief that in order to grow as a reader you must be surrounded by the written word. Such is why we have books in the bedrooms, books in the kitchen, books in the office, books in the (ahem) bathroom, books in the basement and books in the living room. This child will read, I have been telling myself since Maddie was a bean in my belly.

And read she did. Every. Single. Book she could get her hands on. One of the things that we struggled with was tackling chapter books. I treasured that coveted read aloud time with my third graders when we were knee-deep in the wonderful language and interweaving stories found in a stellar chapter book. I’ve always heard of children that came out of the womb wanting to be read to from the most lovely of classical literature. Maddie wanted no part of those big long, no picture, boring books. I guess we ain’t so classy with our Spongebob huh?

Of course we enter in the icon of late (kindergarten teacher extraordinaires- please realize the power you hold over our children use it well) and Maddie comes bouncing into the car and chatters the whole way home about the book her teacher is reading: Junie B. Jones. Junie this and Junie that. May this and May that. And can you just believe what she said, momma?!

It’s not the Charlotte’s Web I was hoping for, but she loves it, and therefore I must love it too.

So out to the garage library we go; I know for certain, I have a collection that will blow her little mind.


7 thoughts on “Junie B. Jones, Come on down!

  1. I smile when I think of your books everywhere and your hopes for a classical story lover, reader. I think it is rare indeed, give me a Junie or a Gooney Bird or an Ivan any day if they have that kind of love and book excitement as your sweet little girl. xo

  2. I actually am going to start reading my Kindergarteners Charlotte’s Web on Monday! I read it every year to my first graders and I thought hmmm I don’t know if I can read it to these Kindergarteners, but I am going to! That’s wonderful though that she is so into reading, and one day she will be into all sorts of chapter books.

  3. “The child will read, I’ve been tell myself since Maddie was a bean in my belly.” How adorable are you? Love that you’re enjoying your little reader, and she is lucky to have a mama like you!!

  4. My daughter’s first grade teacher read Junie B, and we heard about it every night. Kids read the books that teachers bless…it’s one of our superpowers! 🙂 Glad she found her book.

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