The Stand In

Maddie is a five-year old puppeteer. She has that sweet ability to get her way, and we are just her adoring audience.  It can be maddening at times; one minute you’re in charge and the next you’re purchasing a completely necessary educational app or finding yourself getting your nails painted.  Lately she has been lamenting the fact that she is an only child. She doesn’t have a little sister or brother to torture play with and it is the thorn in her side. So she has been on a mission to find a stand in. For a while it has been her life-size Elsa doll. Elsa wears Maddie’s hand me downs, plays all her games, sleeps with her at night, and is a great confidante. She doesn’t tell any of Maddie’s secrets no matter how much I beg. The puppeteer demands confidentiality.

I guess Elsa has been a bit unsatisfactory in the sibling department. She’s been in time out for a while now. It appears that Maddie has found a stand in for her stand in:

hailey picture

Something tells me her new sister is not going to last very long in the position.


6 thoughts on “The Stand In

  1. I always enjoy your writing, Kim. You have the amazing ability to infuse humor by your creative way of description. Very impressive! Your pieces, when intended, make me giggle. Thanks for sharing! Oh…and that Maddie – you have your hands full – she has your number! Beware! 🙂

  2. Such a clever little girl. Your humor comes out in this slice – like always. I believe Maddie has totally picked up on that sense of humor that her mother possesses!

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