Fast Cars and Merging Lanes

They live close’ish to one another, these two sisters bound together by love and loss. Except that one does not do expressways. Fast cars and merging lanes are not really her thing. It hasn’t mattered. The other could easily scoot on over and scoop her up. They treasure the time spent and it has been easy-going over the years.

But things have changed. The scooter and scooper won’t be able to scoot and scoop soon. She will be out of commission and boy, oh boy, will she need the other in the months to come. So the other had to face that fear of fast cars and merging lanes.


A compromise was made. Semi fast cars, no merging lanes, and a handful of minutes added, brought the other to her sister. With a chaperone this time around. Next time…

all on her own.


5 thoughts on “Fast Cars and Merging Lanes

  1. Amazing what we can do to be with our sisters. Not even expressways can keep us apart. What a creative piece!

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