She Believes

Maddie is in that sweet spot of childhood, old enough to do big kid stuff, yet young enough to still possess the wonder.

Next to her bed sits her lonely and empty tooth fairy pillow. Hanging next to it is the giant arrow created just in case the tooth fairy is having a near-sighted moment and misses that large sparkly pink pillow. All this despite the sit down with her dentist to show her the x-rays that hint at the fact that her teeth prefer their tight placement within her gums at the moment.

But she believes.
So the pillow and the arrow stay put.

St. Patrick’s Day brought chaos to her kindergarten room. Complete with little green footprints, leprechaun traps, and a mess to rival an episode of Hoarders. The leprechaun even left behind his little leprechaun hat, but alas, no sign of the little guy could be found.

But she believes.
So we searched the house for signs of him when we got home.

Her seeds are sprouting and we have tall pumpkins and hints of poppies and daisies. But the watermelon just was not going to show a sign of growth. So out comes the magic glitter that helped to grow the candy canes at Christmas. We keep watering and wait…

But she believes.
So the sprout on day three is most certainly magical.

Spiders are her nemesis. Her room has signs outlining their banishment, hanging on the walls. The first spider that dared to scamper cross the threshold must not have been able to read. Cue the magic spray bottle to hold the spiders at bay. Coincidentally, we have a date every other month with Kevin, our Orkin man.

But she believes.
So we spray every week to keep the spiders on the other side.

There will come a time when the magic doesn’t stick. When everything becomes transparent for her. When she loses a little bit of wonder. When the sweet spot ends.

But for now, she believes.



10 thoughts on “She Believes

  1. Believing is the key. I don’t want to imagine what shape I’ll be in when its gone. I’m sure I’ll need a cab home from somewhere though. Tell little one to stay strong on the tooth front. I was a late at tooth loss too but I had a nice chunk of middle school change to spend. Patience, princess 🙂

  2. Who is to say that her sense of wonder and belief in all things good will go away just because she is getting older? I know many adults who have that kid-like way of looking at the world and they are my most favorite people to be around. They don’t believe in the tooth fairy or magic sprinkle dust, but they do look at things with big eyes and optimism. She can do it. You guys can do it!!!

  3. I “believe” I really like how you organized your writing, and it sounds like she will always believe in you!

  4. Oh my gosh, Kim. I love everything about this slice! That repeating line, “She believes.” Your humor- the arrow next to the bed in case of the tooth fairy’s near-sighted moment! Love, love, live all of it! What a wonderful mom you are! Maddie will have such magical memories of her childhood!

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