Habit Kicked…or not

I kicked this habit to the curb last year. Two weeks of miserable, I hate my life headaches, and I most certainly should have achieved a lifetime achievement award. At least I thought so as the acceptance speech played in my head on repeat. My husband, on the other hand, threatened to move all of my belongings to the garage and enjoy life, drama free.

We made it through for the better (mostly) and unscathed (barely).

This past year I would indulge sporadically, savoring every last drop from that aluminum wonder. Every now and then I might have had to hide the evidence of a splurge. I uncovered the definite advantage of working in two buildings. No one would be the wiser in the afternoon if I ever snuck a can in the morning and vice versa. Now, I did manage to keep a reign on the binge sessions. I didn’t ever buy it for the house and I didn’t ever buy it for work.  Coincidentally, the change in my car insisted on mysteriously disappearing. There is currently an APB out for a somewhat tall, slightly stressed, crazy eyed woman spotted frantically scrounging underneath the floor mats of my car.

Since I have been the queen of my rehabilitation, how is it then, when I run through my day yesterday, am I able to count 6 (SIX?!?!) servings of liquid loveliness? To where could I place blame?

Seems I might not have kicked the habit as well as I thought I might.

14 thoughts on “Habit Kicked…or not

  1. I love all the ways you name your habit. At first, I was thinking coffee and then with “aluminum wonder” and “snuck a can” I realized it was soda and yet you never actually say it. This makes me think of our standards about revising our vague pronouns, and yet it is exactly that that makes your piece such a joy to read. Thanks!

  2. I love the slight sarcasm in your post and the clever synonyms for your “aluminum wonder” I have come to realize I have no self-control when it comes to certain things either. Did you read the recent story about the 104 year old woman who attributes her longevity to drinking 4 Dr.Peppers a day? hmmmm….

  3. This is such a great expression of the terrible addiction I also share–I’ve “kicked it” too many times to count but I always end up caving. Loved the line about the APB especially!

  4. There is also something “beneath the surface” (look your blog design!) that helps us understand the addictions that are not as simple as coffee or the “aluminum can” varieties. Many have loved ones suffering real addictions to cigarettes, drugs, and on and on. It’s never easy to “kick a habit.” D 🙂

  5. Love the inferring involved and the Aha! moment when I nailed that addiction. I understand, life is so much sweeter with than without, but then there’s that healthy-ness factor. What’s a gal to do?

  6. I was so proud of myself when I kicked the sugar habit last fall. Then came the holidays. Seems holidays are still lingering….Let’s start fresh again tomorrow!

  7. This was fabulously written……I love how you gave clues to what habit you were kicking, and never had to say it. This should be used as mentor text. (Reading between the lines, context clues,etc.) You do realize now that you have posted this, your friends in both buildings will be on the look out, right? We’ve got your back girl! ❤

  8. Ooohh! I feel like I am an accomplice because I knew what you did yesterday. I remember you yawning. Yawning under the influence of caffeine. That’s bad! Great slice 🙂

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