Movie Dates

Movie dates.
The marathons began with groups of friends. Cruising the mall and scoring back row seats, sitting with our feet up, munching popcorn bought with funds begged from our ‘rents,  getting hushed by the people around us. Never ever sneaking into other theaters.

Movie dates.
They began with my husband on our first date -gulp- 18 years ago. Jerry Maguire, the scene of our first kiss.  They’ve continued through the years as a perfect evening- some big screen action or comedy, never a drama, and a dinner out.  I’m still not forgiven for tricking him into Evita (WHY is everyone singing so much?).

Movie dates.
They’ve become Sunday Fundays for Mommy and Maddie. Of all my movie dates, these are my most favorite.  For one, I have a built in reason to see every animated kid friendly feature there is. But on top of that, I get to travel through the silver screen, to all these wonderful places with my bestie. We’ve been under the sea, in the deep dark worlds below, sailing through space, dancing at the palace, here to there, and back again.

The absolute bees knees is getting to sit next to her- her little body finally holding down the seat. She insists it’s because of the fuzzy friend she brought with.  Watching her eyes light up, hearing her uncontrollable giggles, feeling her head rest on my shoulder patting my arm when I can’t help but gasp and tear up sometimes.  We get pulled in together, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Before we leave there’s always a required snapshot before whatever display is toting the next big thing. It’s like a snapshot memory from the future.  And every time I find myself looking at it later that night, imagining the next world we get to be a part of. And I just can’t wait for the next Sunday to roll around.

Maddie HOME

The next installment of Sunday Funday Movie Dates brings us, HOME. I can’t wait.



5 thoughts on “Movie Dates

  1. I love this tradition that started with a first kiss and is now a special date with your daughter. Makes me wish I had done this with mine. Maybe someday with grands?

  2. Oh how times change, don’t they? 🙂 I agree Movie dates with Michael are by far the best. Something so great about heading out on the middle of the day, cheating on your diet, and cuddling with your favorite. Love it!

  3. What a great tradition you and Maddie share! There is just something amazing about sharing a great movie with your children that makes it worth the cost of tickets and popcorn and candy and drinks and…

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